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Those who don't remember the past....

1975. Houston, TX.

Nineteen year-old Jessica Louise Bell Sheffield has led the good life for the past 12 years – thanks in no small part to her invisible friend Miael’s questionable guidance and her adoption by her very wealthy grandmother. A professional cheerleader and art history major at an exclusive university, there is no trace left of the girl she had once been or the life she had once led, no trace left of her mysterious and devious companion.

Still, despite having everything her heart could possibly desire, Jessica can’t quite seem to shake the Phoenix Miael’s influence, the Seraph Zahzarene’s pull or the insatiable desire to kill – despite the Lithium she has been forced to take for more than a decade at her grandmother’s insistence.

When the man she and M framed for murder makes one final, desperate appeal and Jessica is sent a summons, things start to go awry.

Her entire world unraveling, Jessica is left with no choice but to face the past – both hers and Zahzarene’s.
Starts 4/1/2019
6/1 - 6/15
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