Seamonkey Ink
Affiliate Program
Would you like to make a little extra scratch while at the same time buttering our biscuits...legally?
Well now you can 'cause SeaMonkey Ink is now a part of the SmashWords affliliate program!
What does this mean for you?  It means that in addition to worshipping at the alter of all that is Seamonkey, you can earn 11% commission on all SeaMonkey Ink titles you sell via Smashwords!
It's as easy as one, two, me! 
Simply sign up for an affiliate account to get your own special little link.  Everytime someone clicks your link and buys one of my titles, you get 11% .  Sure, you can also get commission on other titles, but not everyone who participates in the affiliate program is  me...I mean as generous as me.
So what are you waiting for?  What do you have to lose...aside from your good name? (Guilt by association I'm afraid.)
Sign up today!