Seamonkey Ink

Color Learning - Movement Edition

A Rhyming Color Identification & Gross Motor Movement Book

Hello Friend!
How are you?
Can you guess their favorite color?
Well, here's your clue:

There are animals running loose in these book - all in a search of their favorite color! Can your budding detective guess what that color is?


The goal of this book is to teach colors in a way that it is easy for young children to learn and understand.

After each color is introduced, learners are invited to perform an action, show or tell what in the picture is that color and to point out something else in their immediate environment that is also the same color.

By making an everyday connection to the concept of color and making the activity interactive, retention and thus learning is increased.

For more passive participation, you may wish to consider the Sit & Listen or the Mixed Seated Motion editions of this title. Each edition has different photos for young learners to explore.

This book features adorable animals and the colors:

- Blue
- Red
- Yellow
- Orange
- Green
- Brown
- Black
- Pink
- Purple
- White
- Gray
This title is available in ebook, personal-sized print and group print format.


The perfect format for use on a cell phone or tablet.


6" x9"

The 6" x 9" version of this title is perfect for individual, one on one or small group use.  


8.0" x 10"  or 8.5" x 11"

These large editions are perfect for circle time and group use.  The extra large font and pictures are easily visible by even students at the back of the group. 


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Hello Friend! How Are You?